What Are The Different Types Of Cracks In Concrete Slabs?

What Are The Different Types Of Cracks In Concrete Slabs?

To create a firm and strong foundation of any building, concrete is popularly used by the construction workers. Because of the features that it offers to the building, it is considered useful in nearly every construction type. It offers strength and durability to the construction so that a strong foundation is laid upon before progressing further in the process of concentration.

Types of cracks

  • When there is a crack in the concrete because of the heat in the atmosphere is known as expansion concrete cracks
  • The concrete being in its plastic stage, the water leaving the slab containing them that leaves voids of large size that makes the cracks in the concrete. This type of cracking is known as plastic shrinkage cracking
  • The heaving cracking refers to the cracking when due to the outside freezing temperature, the concrete starts to crack
  • The type of cracking that happens because of the ground below it is known as settling cracking which is frequent when a tree is located nearby
  • Cracks can also be caused because of the excessive weight that is put upon the concrete that breaks it
  • The concrete cracking that happens in its premature drying due to a common mistake or valid reasons can cause the concrete to break

types of cracks in concrete slabs

What is the reason behind the cracking of concrete?

Some factors must be considered before selecting the company to handle the task of applying concrete in your house. There is a certain requirement to make the perfect mixture which is made by adding water, gravel, and sand to the concrete in the right proportion.

Concrete is one of the most important things which are involved in construction that does not leave or fade away easily but there are some causes can invite different types of cracks in concrete in your house. When the proportion is not maintained, the concrete can result in cracking. The workers must know the correct proportion to make the mixture so that no issue is created later on. The state of the mixture changes instantly from liquid to stone-like solid which means the mixture should be handled properly before putting all the elements.

Different types of elements used to make a mixture of concrete that is used in construction. Concrete is widely used because of the strong and durable features that it provides to the project. There are websites on the internet that offers useful and effective tips to avoid concrete crack types to occur in your house. The mixture of concrete becomes hard after a while and becomes a solid mixture that offers strength and durability to the building.