Concrete Mixer Machine And Its Types

Concrete Mixer Machine And Its Types

A Concrete mixer or a cement mixer is a tool used for combining cement, sand, and water in homogenous concentration to form concrete. Concrete is necessary for the foundation of houses, building, and other structures and a concrete mixer machine makes the production of concrete faster and much more economical than the traditional method. Mixers usually use a revolving drum to combine the various components.

The different types of concrete mixers:

There are broadly two types of concrete mixers, which are further divided into subtypes.

batch mixerBatch Mixers:

Batch mixers are the most commonly used machines for making concrete. In this, all the components required for mixing concrete is poured into the revolving drum in definite proportions. The drum then mixes the components by rotating at a specific speed and is left for some time.

The mix is later collected batch by batch. This process is repeated again and again until the desired amount is collected.

Continuous Mixers:

Continuous mixers involve the mixing of large masses of concrete with a continuous flow of discharging and collection of the concrete. Materials are loaded continuously using a screw feeder until the work is completed. This mixer machine for construction is used in the building of large dams, bridges, buildings, and skyscrapers.

Subtypes of Batch Mixers:

Batch mixers are further divided into two subtypes:

  • Drum type mixers:

In drum type mixers constituents are mixed in a double conical frustum shape. Drum types are futher divided into three types: Tilting Drum mixers, non-tilting drum mixers and reversing drum mixers

The mixing in tilting drum mixers is dependent on certain factors like shape and angle of the drum, size, and angle of blades. The non-tilting mixers have two different openings for pouring and collection of the concrete ingredients.

  • pan type mixerPan type mixers:

Pan type mixers consist of the cylindrical pan containing two sets of blades for mixing of the concrete components. Mixing is efficient with pan type with the help of rotating star blades which makes the concrete flow easy and it does not stick to the pan.

The height of the blades can be easily adjusted so that there is no room left for the concrete to be stored in the pan. Construction workers consider pan type mixer to be the most efficient.

There are a number of types of concrete mixing equipment available that helps in the faster and economical production of concrete with ease.